Website Design and Hosting


Technology World’s web design and hosting services are of the highest quality and reliability. What we can guarantee is a well designed website that will help your business expand it’s online marketability.

This page provides some background information into our web design and hosting services and also explains some basic concepts associated with the process known as search engine optimization.


Our web design options come complete with the following features:

Custom designed logo for your website.

We can custom design a logo for your website using pre-defined font styles and clip art. You are in total control of the design process; we offer a maximum of two re-edits to the design of your logo to ensure you are fully satisfied with our work.

Clip arts are small image files that cover a wide range of categories and all are optimized for viewing on the Web. Including clip arts within the design of your logo will enhance the overall look and feel of your website.

If you already have a logo developed and would like it incorporated into a new website simply send a copy of the image to our web development team. Once we receive the logo we will send an e-mail to keep you informed about the design status of your new website.

Custom website menu items.

A website menu or navigation system provides an interface for your site visitors to view the content that will comprise your website. We have several pre-designed templates that you can choose from or we can custom develop a navigation system that will make it easier for potential customers to understand the main goals of your company.


A website is only as good as the content it offers. As our client we will work with you to produce content for your site that accurately portrays what your business is all about. You will have to supply the content for your website but we can offer suggestions as to how it should look. We never change what is being said within the content; we simply take your content and produce into an electronic format viewable on the Web.

External Images

If you work in a field where your own portfolio is the sole reason you decided to start a business, then digital photographs can be taken of any past project and link them on your website so prospective clients can see live illustrations of your work.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

The term search engine optimization refers to the preparation and application required to get your website ready for major search engines to index. Our S.E.O services are included with any website. We also guarantee 99.9% uptime.

When a search engine indexes your website all of the files that have been developed are organized based on the location and category of your website. Links or shortcuts to these files are made available when a user searches for webpages that the content of your website relates to.

In order for a search engine to properly index your website and make it available to users searching for your particular business it must be optimized. S.E.O techniques are accomplished through a number of steps as outlined below.


A keyword is simply a string of characters that represent words relating to your website. For example, if you created a website that is about how to care for the german sheppard bread of dogs predominate keywords that you would like to use often are dog, german sheppard, and grooming.

All keywords can be inserted into any HTML page.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags provide a method for website owners to control how search engines describe the content of website’s. These elements are inserted into the head section of web pages. For example common meta tags include:

DESCRIPTION – when this variable is inserted into an HTML document a description of the page can be generated.

KEYWORDS – when this variable is inserted into an HTML document various keywords can also be inserted into the HTML page.

The primary benefit of using keywords and meta tags is to make your website more search engine friendly which results in a better ranking within search results.

Page Titles

A page title simply describes a particular web page. Assigning titles to webpages is the best way for users to understand the content.

Page Descriptions

Page descriptions are used to describe the content of your page. Normally visitors to your website see page descriptions only a search is completed and your site appears in the results.

Most of your web visitors will come from either word-of-mouth traffic, or through Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. All of the major search engines also link to various sub search engines meaning your website link will appear on hundreds or even thousands of smaller networks.

Our S.E.O. techniques make your website noticeable on the Internet when users search for categories or keywords that relate to your website. This often leads to increased sales and new customers because people can understand what services your business offers and contact you through a link found within your website.

More Information

If you are interested in any of these services please follow one of the links below to obtain more information about our workflow processes.

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