Technology World Computers and Parts Donation Information

Introduction and Overview:

This document serves to provide an overview of the Technology World donations information and how to donate.

Document Overview:

This is the Computers and Parts Donation Information page were you can obtain information about various programs I want to start and what I need in terms of people donating computers, parts, and accessories that will help my causes to help others get equipped with technology and computers.

We currently accept donations for any and all used computers, parts, and peripherals. We accept old hard drives, used video cards, sound cards, modems, network cards, and optical drives.

We accept monetary donations via this page as well. From $5 to $20 there is no donation to small to be put forward towards the development of Technology World Services.

We build refurbished computer systems recycled from used parts. These computers systems conform to a Pentium IV CPU standard, and a miminum of Windows 7 professional Windows operating system.