Basic Guide to Windows

Basic Guide to Windows – Anatomy of a Window / Dissection of Window Components

Windows is a graphically driven operating system (opposed to a command line driven operating system) in which multiple windows may be open simultaneously. In this post, I explain the anatomy of a window with emphasis on the specific parts that construct an application window and descriptions of the elements that…

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Overview of Basic Windows Components On The Windows Desktop

Although using a Windows desktop is not an overly complicated procedure, it is helpful that you understand what components make up the screen that you see each and every time your computer is powered on. The Windows XP desktop provides a number of components that can be fully customized based…

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Key Terms and Definitions Associated with Windows

If you are looking to understand how a Windows operating system works, you might want to get familiar with the key terms and definitions associated with how it works first. This blog introduces you to those key terms. The table below lists some key terms and definitions that will help…

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