Spotify Music: Your New Music Player


When it comes to streaming music from your computer and mobile devices, you have a lot of choices. In this digital age, we have reach a new evolution in music. You no longer have to be limited to playing music back from your dusty LP and tape collection; you can stream any music song or album directly from your favorite device.


In this blog, I focus on what Spotify is and how it works to help you understand and make a wiser purchase decision when thinking about upgrading to the paid version.

Okay glad you are still reading. Here’s a brief introduction into what Spotify is. It’s a robust music player that can be installed on multiple devices.

Figure 1.1 – The Main Spotify Application Window

Virtually any song or album you want to play is available in the Spotify library and all streamed to your device through an Internet connection.

Paid Version VS. Free Version

There are two versions to Spotify. The free version is free but still ables you to play any track within the Spotify library. The Pro version currently priced at $9.99 per month has many additional features including the ability to play and control music directly within multiple devices through the Spotify connect feature. For example, if you have Spotify on both your desktop and mobile phone or tablet, you can control which songs you listen to through your phone, and the software intelligently plays it back to the selected computer.

Listening To Music Offline (Premium Feature)

The Premium version also lets you listen to music offline useful if you cannot get an Internet or Wifi connection as you setup playlists, and songs to those playlists, then activate the download function to download the songs to your device.

Spotify Download Option
Figure 1.2 – The Spotify Download Function When Downloading Music To Listen Offline

They are stored somewhere in a local directory on your device. I haven’t figure out a way to transfer the downloaded music into a portable device yet but definitely would like to see the feature added.

Spotify Connect

One particularly useful feature and its my selling point for this service, is the Spotify Connect feature. It permits the user to control any Spotify application from within a cell phone, tablet, or other computer device and have the music played back from any sound source.

The Spotify Connect Feature.
Figure 1.3 – The Spotify Connect Features Makes It Easy To Control What You Listen To Through A Cell Phone or Tablet

I am a huge music listener, especially when I go out, so need music to keep my mind organized. I do that through music. Therefore, when I come home I like to continue keeping the beat going, so I can easily change playing from my cell phone, and change playing to my media centre PC without fussing with a mouse and keyboard. I use my cell phone like my stereo remote control to playback the music.

Spotify Lyrics Gone

Another feature of the Spotify feature was the ability to view lyrics for any song in your library. Unfortunately, Spotify did a way with that feature for reasons unknown to me, a long time ago. There are workarounds for this though. You can download a free application entitled Spotify Lyrics and this displays the lyrics inside an application on your computer.

Figure 1.4 - The Spotify Lyrics Application Can Replace The Lyrics Function That Was Used In Spotify For Many Years
Figure 1.4 – The Spotify Lyrics Application Can Replace The Lyrics Function That Was Used In Spotify For Many Years

The latest version of Spotify Lyrics is 1.15. It can be downloaded here. It even syncs with the song being played. You can customize the window by setting font sizes and more but it always does the job nicely, if you want to sing along to your favorite tunes.


Okay folks, so there you have it, I have tried to list the most positive features to the Spotify software. If you are still not convinced that Spotify has one of the largest collection of music anywhere, take it for a free thirty day test drive, and find out for yourself.


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