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Technology World’s Quick Reference Sheets

Quick References are designed and printed on high quality 8.5" x 11" paper and guide you through completing complex tasks within different software applications.
This area is currently under design. Please check back soon.

Quick Reference Sheets Overview

For a limited time only receive two free Quick Reference Sheets on any two available topics. This $30.00 value is yours free. Click here for the details. Certain conditions apply.*

* Shipping and processing fee of $2.95 applies to all orders.

What Are Quick Reference Sheets (QRS)?

Technology World is proud to offer a new product team to our development line up. They are labelled quick reference sheets and serve specifically as reference tools for individuals requiring information about how to complete repetitive tasks on a personal computer.

You can purchase any available quick reference sheet or get one free when you purchase any of our courseware packages. Our sheets get into the nitty-gritty of software applications helping you conquer that tough program without the need to shuffle through hundreds of pages of documentation or user manuals to complete simple tasks.

A QRS can be downloaded and printed on your home computer, pinned up next to your home office workstation, and consulted anytime you need to know how to complete a computer task.

Product Hightlights:

Here are some product attributes with this line of tools.

  1. Most reference sheets are four pages in length while others are six pages based on the complexities of the particular software application.
  2. Professionally designed and printed on color laser printers.
  3. Professionally laminated to provide maximum protection against spills and stains.
  4. Soft copies are are provided on CD-ROM in Word and PDF formats, so that they can be printed in case yours is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  5. All reference sheets are shipped via Canada Post ExpressPost at a flat rate of $4.95.
  6. The more reference sheets you buy, the less you have to pay! When you are ready to order we can offer you substantial savings if you purchase more than one sheet.

Product Specifications:

Our reference sheets are designed to meet the following learning objectives:

  1. Screenshots and illustrations – show you how to get things done using a software application with exact screenshots as you will see in the program being talked about.
  2. Graphical elements including buttons and menu items – are explained in great detail to further explain how to complete the most common functions within software applications
  3. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts – explanations of all available keyboard and mouse shortcuts makes it simple to complete repetitive tasks.
  4. Tips and tricks – these sections are organized based on the task being completed. Clearly outlined in ordered lists our tips and tricks focus on getting things done quickly and efficiently.
  5. Speeding up repetitive tasks tips and tricks – in this section we designed it so that you can clearly get the information for completing routine tasks and objectives easily and error-free.
Product Ordering:
Follow the online store link to purchase any of the Quick Reference Sheets described throughout these pages.
This area is currently under design. Please check back soon.
This area is currently under design. Please check back soon.

Ready To Purchase?

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