Introduction To Windows



Introduction To Windows

This course provides insight into a Windows environment. Learn how to complete a clean installation of Windows XP and how to customize a desktop. Learn how to move, resize, maximize, and minimize windows. Learn how to use the Start menu and system tray components within Windows.

Course Details:

Course Name: Introduction To Windows
Price: $119.95

Course Requirements:

  • Windows XP or newer.
  • PC or compatible computer.
  • Pentium III 1000 Mhz processor; Pentium IV or faster (recommended).
  • 512 mb memory (minimum); 1024 MB (recommended).
  • Minimum 4 GB free hard disk space.
  • Mouse and keyboard.
  • Macromedia Flash player and optical storage drive.
  • Sound card and speakers.


  • Macromedia Flashâ„¢ streaming audio video.
  • DVD-ROM.


  • High quality DVD.
  • Maximum resolution of 720×480.
  • 32 bit true color.


  • Introduction Into The Windows Family Of Operating Systems.
  • Overview Of Windows Operating System Controls.
  • Windows System Requirements.
  • What Is A Graphical User Interface
  • Key Terms And Definitons Associated With Windows.
  • Anatomy Of A Window.
  • Overview Of Basic Windows Components.
  • Logging On And Off Windows.
  • Having Fun In Windows
  • Creating New Files.
  • Saving Files.
  • Modifying Existing Files.
  • Using Folders To Organize Your Data.
  • Basic Window Buttons And Menu Commands.
  • Opening Windows.
  • Closing Windows.
  • Minimizing Windows.
  • Maximizing Windows.
  • Moving and Resizing Windows.
  • Arranging Windows.
  • Reducing Windows to the Taskbar.
  • How To Customize The Windows XP Desktop.
  • How To Customize The Windows Start Menu.
  • How To Customize The System Tray Components.
  • How To Use Windows Explorer To Manage Files and Folders.
  • Installing New Software and Hardware.
  • How To Install A Video Card In Windows.
  • How To Install A Sound Card In Windows.
  • How To Install A Network Card In Windows.
  • Improving Windows System Performance.
  • Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • How To Use Windows XP Networking Functions.
  • Troubleshooting Windows System Errors And Other Problems.


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