Computer Training DVD’s – Available Courses

Introduction To Computers

This course provides a very basic understanding of how a personal computers work. Clients will understand what the computer is and how it can be used to effectively manage data through various information processing techniques. Clients will learn about what an Operating System and how the Basic Input/Output System communicates.

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Computer Operating Systems I

This highly technical self-study course goes deep into the heart of how operating systems work. You will learn about the main characteristics of graphical and text based operating systems as well as learn about what system settings are stored, configured, and manipulated through the PC’s Basic Input Output Systems.

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Introduction To Windows

This course provides insight into a Windows environment. Learn how to complete a clean installation of Windows XP and how to customize a desktop. Learn how to move, resize, maximize, and minimize windows. Learn how to use the Start menu and system tray components within Windows. Users also learn how to install the latest Windows operating systems.

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Introduction To Electronic Mail Systems

In this course clients will obtain a vast array of information pertaining to the use of Electronic Mail (e-mail). Clients will understand basic concepts including how to obtain and setup an e-mail address. Tutorials and walk through’s are provided on how to use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora Mail, Netscape Mail, and a variety of other e-mail applications.

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Internet Fundamentals

This course provides an overview of what the Internet is all about. Clients learn what is required to connect to the Internet through dialup, cable, and DSL and also learn how to setup a home network and configure a router. Clients learn all about uploading and downloading files, and how to remain secure while connected to the Internet.

Introduction To HTML And The World Wide Web

In this Introduction To Html And Programming For The Web courseware learning system clients obtain an understanding of what the Internet and Web are all about and how to setup a basic website for personal or business purposes. Clients understand the basics of HTML tags and how to implement them with a text editor and understand what Adobe Dreamweaver is all about and how to use this powerful HTML page generator.