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<h2 style="text-align: center;">Introduction:</h2>
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<p style="text-align: left;">Technology World offers numerous web, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM based learning solutions to assist in the development and improvement of end user's existing computer skills. E-learning has proven to have the highest learning retention rates than traditional textbook material and even instructor led courses. Where the average content retention rate for an instructor led course is only 58%, the most intensive e-learning experience can increase that rate by an additional 35%.</p>
E-Learning solutions are offered to the end user via standard web browsing applications and plug-in components.  Our E-learning titles are cross platform compatible utilizing the latest in browsing technologies.  The e-learning solutions are provided in various formats including HTML, Macromedia Flash,  and Java based applications. Users are instructed to check their browser for compatibility before starting a session, and tutorials are provided to assist with the rapid execution of the desired learning material.  In the tutorials, we will start off with information about how to complete more common and basic tasks in programs and then work up to more intermediate based tasks, eventually leading the end-user to understand more advanced concepts associated with a particular software application.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current computer skills or simply want to learn a new software package, you will always find our learning systems are only a mouse click away. If you do not have Internet access, simply load the DVD package into your computer and start learning offline. There are absolutely no fees for using our online computer training services, it is bundled in the price of an offline learning system.

Technology World E-learning applications are completely menu-driven, giving the end user the ability to control, playback, and advance through various stages of a given tutorial at their own convenience and restart, pause, or fast-forward as required.

Available Courseware Learning Systems:

Click here for a page detailing the current available list of course-ware learning systems.

Learning Requirements:

Our courses are designed to obtain and maintain interest through a level of audio narration and video demonstrations for clients. The following requirements are needed to benefit from our learning packages.

  1. The Internet and World Wide Web (for playback of learning material).  Web browsers our E-learning titles currently support include:
    1. Microsoft Edge Browser (Windows 10). 
    2. Microsoft Internet Explorer.Version 11.0.9600 (Windows 8.1)
      Version 11.192.16299.0 (Windows 10)
    3. Mozilla Firefox or higher.
    4. Google Chrome
    5. Mozilla Firefox

    Technology World Online will not provide a guarantee that the e-learning solutions are compatible with earlier versions of the browsers stated above.

  2. Any Pentium IV or faster based personal computer (for acquisition and playback of learning material).
  3. HTML (for presentation of all learning tutorials and instructions).Our highly technical courses are explained through universally accepted HTML format. No other software is required for you to view the technical writings associated with our courses. We compile our computer training products through the award winning Camtasia Studio multimedia authoring software and stream the demonstrations back through a member only accessible website.
  4. MP3 Audio (for presentation of learning material).The MP3 audio narration includes a computer generated voice that sounds much like a realistic human voice, or “a personal teacher” inside our learning courses. This technical coach works behind the scenes explaining each concept and instruction while you work through the tutorials included with each course. For you to hear the audio narration included in our training DVD’s you will need a good set of speakers and working sound card installed in the PC.
  5. Macromedia Flash (for presentation of learning material).
    This software published by Adobe integrates the learning process by streaming back all demonstrations within any modern web browser. No software to install on your computer simply use the existing applications already included or download a lastest web browser from the publisher’s pages.


p style=”text-align: left;”>The final step in our production process is to convert finished courses into a universally accepted format compatible with all types of operating systems and web browsers. We chose the Flash format to distribute our finished products because its cross platform compatible (meaning it will work with PC’s, MAC’s, and virtually any web browser). Flash is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC based computers.

About Formats:

Because we use universally accepted standards and tools for the production, distribution, and playback of all learning titles there is no added cost required by our clients to learn from our products. Once you have received your course-ware shipment through by Canada Post, insert the first disc into your computer and you are ready to start learning. Customers pay as they learn, in the comfort of their own homes without having to travel to a school, college, or university.

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