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Computer Hardware Upgrades

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PC Upgrade Services

Technology World’s PC Upgrade Services allow you to upgrade your existing setup and get running with a faster machine. We do processor, hard drive, motherboard, and power supply upgrades. We can install new video cards and sound cards and only charge a nominal fee for doing so.

If you are running out of hard drive space or need a faster processor and additional memory to speed up your slow computer, ask about our computer upgrades and repair serviecs.

A free thirty minute minute consultation is provided so that you understand exactly what the upgrade would involve.

Also, if you are thinking about purchasing your first computer, or would like to purchase a refurbished system to add to the kids playroom, then you will want to have a Technology World computer consultant assist you in making the best purchase decisions both computer wise and economically speaking.

Once we have worked together to determine the solution you need then you can have one of our professionally certified technicians build the system per your approval.

A 20% deposit is required for all system builds.

Price List

PC Memory Upgrade Table Prices

Upgrade The Amount of Memory In Your Computer

Upgrade SizeAlready Own?Trade In PriceInstall Price
Add 4 GB of memory2gb$20$80
Add 8 GB of memory4gb$30$100
Add 16 GB of memoryN/A$50$150


Hard Drive Upgrade Table Prices

Upgrade SizeAlready Own?Trade In PriceInstall Price
80 gbYES$70N/A
160 gbYES$80N/A
250 gbYES$120$150
500 gbNO$130$165
1 tbNO$140$150
2 tbNO$160$200
3 tbNO$200$250
4 tbNO$250$300

To view our current prices for replacing PC parts and upgrading existing machines, click the View Price List button.

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