In addition to our reference-based websites and e-learning videos, Technology World offers numerous e-learning and computer solutions to help end users battle back from virus attacks, spyware infections, or for those who simply need a faster computer. We offer various PC hardware upgrades and solutions custom tailored to meet any budget. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all services rendered and are always available to work with you on new projects.

For more information about our Technology Services please select a service in the list below:

Computer Hardware Repair and Upgrades

Technology World offers a variety of computer hardware upgrade and repair solutions designed to fit your budget. We can an additional hard drive to your desktop or completely replace a malfunctioning laptop hard drive. Our Windows reinstallation services get you up and running with little down time. Inquiry within how you can save 50% off the regular price of a Windows upgrade solution.

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Windows Reinstall Services

If your Windows operating system is showing you a lot of fatal exception and stop operation errors (i.e. blue screens of death) or programs are randomly freezing up or not starting at all, then chances are your Windows operating system files have become corrupted. The only possible solution to get your system back in working order is to have a complete reinstall of your Windows operating system completed. Reinstalling your entire Windows operating system can be a daunting task, especially if you have no working knowledge of how a Windows operating system works or what’s required for a successful reinstall.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

If you find your once seemingly fast highly expensive computer system is slowing down while performing routine tasks such as surfing the Web, then chances are you have unknowingly downloaded a virus or received it as an attachment in one of your e-mails. Our staff of security experts use the latest security tools, anti-malware tool-kits, and spyware removal software to help eradicate viruses from your computer quickly and safely.

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Stationary and Company Logo Design

Technology World’s Custom Logo and Stationary Design Services will help put your business on top with unique logo and stationary design services.  Our expertly trained staff of graphic design experts will work with you to build a company logo that will not only establish your business, but also help it flourish for decades to come.

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Website Hosting and Design

Technology World’s web design and hosting services are of the highest quality and reliability. What we can guarantee is a well designed website that will help your business expand it’s online marketability. You are in total control of the design process; we offer a maximum of two re-edits to the design of your logo to ensure you are fully satisfied with our work.

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Computer Training DVD’s

Technology World offers numerous web, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM based learning solutions to assist in the development and improvement of end user’s existing computer skills. Our computer training courses are geared towards teaching the end user how to operate a computer and to understand the complexities behind personal computing technology.

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Multimedia E-Learning Development

Technology World Online offers numerous E-learning development solutions designed for corporations and small business training departments. Through streaming audio and video web technologies, Technology World can custom develop a wide range of services that assist with the development of the necessary computer skills required by high-tech organizations.

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Internet and Home Network Configuration

If you are having problems with your Internet connection or your home network. Technology World can provide full diagnostic and troubleshooting services to help you get your home network running as it should without bottlenecks or firewall problems.

If it is the first time you are trying to get connected to the Internet, a fully trained technician will provide a full Internet setup complete with solutions that will help safeguard your personal information and data while connected to the Internet.

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Digital Music & Video Conversion

Want to backup your DVD or Bluray movie collection to blank media for sake-keeping? We can do it! We have the right hardware to convert between many different digital media formats. We can convert precious VHS tapes and music cassettes into MP3 format and allow you to access your music collection online. Please note that you must ship your DVD’s, Blurays, and other media and we return the physical products to you when finished compiling them digitally.

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Hard Disk Drive Backups

We understand how valuable your data is. That’s why we offer a backup service that allows us to help you copy your precious files and data to external media or DVD backup. If you are not confident you can do the backup job yourself, why not let us do it. What we can offer you is an exact duplicate of an entire hard drive, all carefully backed up to the same media that your data is on.

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Computer Cleanup & Tune Up

Our computer cleanup and tune-up services are second to none. We can clean up laptops and desktops with compressed air cleaner. We are fully trained to clean delicate components and the inside of the computer chassis. We use tools to remove the screws from the case unit and carefully use compressed air giving your computer a thorough cleaning. Our cleanup services start at $50 flat rate for a full desktop cleaning.

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30 Day Money Back Guarentee

What we want is our customers to be fully 100% satisfied with our services, which is why we offer a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our work.

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