Overview of Basic Windows Components On The Windows Desktop

Although using a Windows desktop is not an overly complicated procedure, it is helpful that you understand what components make up the screen that you see each and every time your computer is powered on. The Windows XP desktop provides a number of components that can be fully customized based…

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Key Terms and Definitions Associated with Windows

If you are looking to understand how a Windows operating system works, you might want to get familiar with the key terms and definitions associated with how it works first. This blog introduces you to those key terms. The table below lists some key terms and definitions that will help…

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Windows Timeline of Introduction

In order to understand how Windows works and how a Windows operating system it is first necessary to understand some developmental changes into the various Windows operating systems released by Microsoft. This blog provides a complete time-line to explain when the various Windows operating systems were first released and what changes were…

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Why Use Windows? Introduction to the Main Functions of Windows Operating System

In this blog I highlight the main purposes of a Windows operating system and why you would want to know these details. Windows is a GOOEY (Graphical User Interface) based operating system, and is one of the most popular operating systems ever invented. As such, Windows provides the most effective and productive…

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Technology World Web Design and Hosting Workflow in PDF Format

This document provides an overview of how we build and host a website complete from registering a domain name, to designing the website, to hosting it on our secured servers. Workflow – Technology World’s Website Design and Hosting Services. (PDF Format)

How to Partition and Format a Hard Disk Drive in a Windows Operating System

This document will provide an understanding of how to install a hard disk drive for use with a Windows operating system. The hard drive being installed is a Western Digital 250 GB Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) drive.Your Hard Driveis one of those components inside your computer that is mostly likely to fail as the system gets older. This is because it is a mechanical device that uses motors, and other moving parts that are guaranteed to wear out.

How To Optimize Windows By Disabling Unnecessary System Services and Maintaining Your Computer

There are numerous different things that can and should be done on a regular basis to ensure a PC is running at peak performance with its operating system. Clean out of the box Windows does not install as optimized as it should but this guide will help you accomplish tasks to get your Windows system running at peak performance.

How to Make A Backup of the Windows Registry Prior to Making Changes

The Windows registry is basically a huge database of settings for all hardware and software installed on your computer. Editing the Windows Registry is not a complicated procedure but if you make a mistake and delete an existing registry required by another program, your system will probably become even more…

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How to Use The Windows Device Manager In Windows

Device Manager provides you with a graphical view of the hardware that is installed on your computer. All devices communicate with Windows through a piece of software called a device driver. You can use Device Manager to install and update the drivers for your hardware devices, modify hardware settings for those devices, and troubleshoot problems.

About This Blog

This blog is intended to give you a thorough understanding of how a personal computer works. My basic mission is to equip people with the skills so they are comfortably able to explore new technological advancements. I want my voice to be heard as a technical guru and to share…

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