Digital Media Conversion and Backup


Want to backup your DVD or Bluray movie collection to blank media for sake-keeping? We can do it! We have the right hardware to convert between many different digital media formats. We can convert precious VHS tapes and music cassettes into MP3 format and allow you to access your music collection online. Please note that you must ship your DVD’s, Blurays, and other media and we return the physical products to you when finished compiling them digitally.

VHS to DVD Conversion Services:

VHS to DVD Conversion Services

Technology World also offers VHS to DVD conversion services at a very affordable rate. We make it an easy to understand, non-technical procedure. Our highly trained staff of technical specialists are able to convert any type of analog or digital data to any medium you choose.

Through the use of highly sophisticated digital video conversion techniques, advanced software applications, and personal computer hardware, almost any type of analog video can be converted and duplicated into a better, longer lasting format such as DVD.

The principles behind MPEG technologies involve dividing the different MPEG standards into three different specifications: VCD, SVCD, and DVD. Table 1.1 listed below provides an overview of the main differences between each standard.

Typical Uses Of Data Compression Using MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4