Data Backups

Data Backup Services


Technology World understands how valuable your data is. That’s why we offer a backup service that allows us to help you copy your precious files and data to external media or DVD backup. If you are not confident you can do the backup job yourself, why not let us do it. What we can offer you is an exact duplicate of an entire hard drive, all carefully backed up to the same media that your data is on. We have the tools and complete know how to backup your files. If you send us a desktop hard drive, we can back that data up to another brand new hard drive, or use the cheaper option of backing up to DVD discs.


Our backup services are based on the medium requested to be backed up. Here’s a price list of the various backup procedures and what you get for your money.

If you choose this option, you will receive a brand new hard drive and with all data duplicated onto that drive. You can trade in your old hard drive and receive a 10% discount off your total bill, or you can pay regular price and the original hard drive will be returned to you. Here is a price list for your reference.

Technology World's Backup Price List
Technology World’s Backup Price List
Enjoy a 20% discount off your backup project,
by trading in your existing hard drive.

What You Get

  • If you choose to have us back up your media to a new hard disk drive, you will receive a new hard drive and also get the source hard drive returned to you. If you want to receive a 20% discount off the entire bill you can trade in your existing hard drive and we will apply the discount before sending out your final bill.
  • Our staff has the know-how and technical expertise to get a backup job quickly. We offer status updates along the way, and we provide full technical support to help you understand why our backup procedures used are second-to-none.
  • Please note that the backup process make take longer depending on the state of the hard drive and data stored. For example, if the drive has bad sectors, it may take some time for a technician to properly backup the data without causing problems for the existing files.