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If your Windows operating system is showing you a lot of fatal exception and stop operation errors (i.e. blue screens of death) or programs are randomly freezing up or not starting at all, then chances are your Windows operating system files have become corrupted.

The only possible solution to get your system back in working order is to have a complete reinstall of your Windows operating system completed. Reinstalling your entire Windows operating system can be a daunting task, especially if you have no working knowledge of how a Windows operating system works or what’s required for a successful reinstall.

Our windows reinstallation services will provide you with a complete professional reinstallation of your Windows operating system. This highly professional service includes full security updates from the Microsoft Windows update website, as well as all drivers included and professionally installed for all devices within your computer.

If your PC isn’t totally unbootable, we can also backup and restore your files and settings, if possible so that after the reinstall has been completed, you’ll be able to pick up working exactly where you left off. For $10 extra, a fully certified PC technician can also include a backup of all the drivers required to get your devices working properly on optical media. This backup will also be available on the local disk within the PC, for quicker access in the event you have to reinstall drivers manually in the future.

Service Pricing:

Windows Reinstallation Services Prices

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