How To Determine The Version of Windows Being Used On A Computer

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing Windows computer system or are troubleshooting a pesky problem, identifying the version of Windows being used on your computer, is the first step in making educated upgrading or troubleshooting decisions. This article…

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How To Optimize Windows By Disabling Unnecessary System Services and Maintaining Your Computer

There are numerous different things that can and should be done on a regular basis to ensure a PC is running at peak performance with its operating system. Clean out of the box Windows does not install as optimized as it should but this guide will help you accomplish tasks to get your Windows system running at peak performance.

How to Make A Backup of the Windows Registry Prior to Making Changes

The Windows registry is basically a huge database of settings for all hardware and software installed on your computer. Editing the Windows Registry is not a complicated procedure but if you make a mistake and delete an existing registry required…

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