Figure 1.14 - Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard Final Screen

How to Install, Partition, and Format a Mobile Hard Drive in a 2.5″ USB External Enclosure and use New Simple Partition Wizard in Windows 8.1

In this blog, I cover the the basics of installing a 2.5″ mobile hard disk drive into a USB 2.0 enclosure, and I will explain how to partition and format the drive for use with a Windows 8.1 operating system using the Computer Management tool. So I just had delivered a 2.5″ red hard drive enclosure from Amazon. It uses …

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Mpow Bliuetooth Reciever

How To Stream Bluetooth Audio From A Windows 10 Computer To Bookshelf Speakers Using MPOW Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Here’s a review of a new device I picked up the other day from It is a Bluetooth enabled audio receiver that connects to your computer’s Bluetooth source that has to be installed and paired. This item can be purchased from Amazon for just under $25. You can stream off a desktop computer with a Bluetooth dongle, or if …

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jumper settings on an ide hard disk drive

How to Partition and Format a Hard Disk Drive in a Windows Operating System

This document will provide an understanding of how to install a hard disk drive for use with a Windows operating system. The hard drive being installed is a Western Digital 250 GB Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) drive.Your Hard Driveis one of those components inside your computer that is mostly likely to fail as the system gets older. This is because it is a mechanical device that uses motors, and other moving parts that are guaranteed to wear out.

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