Article Index Page – How To Use Windows Explorer in Windows 10 To Manage Files and Folders

This series of blogs will help you understand how to use and customize Windows Explorer.

File Explorer Main Program Interface

File Explorer Main Program Interface

In Windows 10, Windows Explorer is now known as File Explorer.


  1. How To Launch Windows Explorer
  2. Windows Explorer Menu Bar
  3. Windows Explorer Main Program Interface
  4. Exploring Your Computer
  5. Creating and Deleting Files and Folders
  6. Opening Files and Folders
  7. Saving Files and Folders
  8. Moving Files and Folders
  9. Copying Files and Folders
  10. Deleting Files and Folders
  11. Renaming a File or Series of Files
  12. Connecting To Network Resources
  13. Introduction To Drag and Drop Techniques
  14. Introduction To Cut and Paste Techniques
  15. Seeing What’s In Your Computer
  16. Basic Fie Searching Techniques
  17. Searching The Internet
  18. Searching For People and Groups
  19. Searching For Files and Folders on a Network
  20. Searching For Printers
  21. Using Folders to Organize Your Data
  22. Searching For Files and Folders
  23. Using Advanced Searching Techniques