Figure 1.14 - Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard Final Screen

How to Install, Partition, and Format a Mobile Hard Drive in a 2.5″ USB External Enclosure and use New Simple Partition Wizard in Windows 8.1

In this blog, I cover the the basics of installing a 2.5″ mobile hard disk drive into a USB 2.0 enclosure, and I will explain how to partition and format the drive for use with a Windows 8.1 operating system using the Computer Management tool. So I just had delivered a 2.5″ red hard drive enclosure from Amazon. It uses …

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How To Open an Application or Program Window in a Windows Environment – Basic Guide To Windows

In Windows, the term opening windows refers to launching a program or application. You can open programs via a shortcut or through the Start menu. There are several different ways you can open Windows. This page will describe how to complete that task. [Top of Page] How To Open A Window Using A Shortcut To open a window using an …

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Basic Window, Buttons, and Dialog Box Commands in a Windows Operating System Environment – Basic Guide To Windows

In Windows, there are some basics commands and buttons that you should get familiar with in order to master a Windows operating system and how to move around Windows. Minimize Button The first command to be explained is the minimize button. Click to minimize the window to a task-bar button. To restore the minimized window to its previous size, click …

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Figure 1.6 - Logging On To A User Account In Windows 8.1

How To Log On and Off A Windows Operating System – Basic Guide To Windows

In this blog I teach you concepts associated with logging in and out of a Windows operating system, so that you can understand the basics of what happens when you sit down at your computer and start to use it. The term logging on and off Windows simply refers to the process of sitting down at your computer and having …

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