How To Determine The Version Of Windows Being Used On A Desktop Or Laptop Computer

How To Determine The Version of Windows Being Used On A Computer

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing Windows computer system or are troubleshooting a pesky problem, identifying the version of Windows being used on your computer, is the first step in making educated upgrading or troubleshooting decisions. This article will provide an understanding of how to determine what version of Windows is installed in a PC. Method # 1: …

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How To Use Winamp Pro To Playback Your Music and Video Files

There is no doubting the fact that Winamp is an old program and has generated large amounts of skepticism from many people because of its security flaws within the software due to lack of security updates. However, if you are searching for a music player that can easily handle the largest music collections and play back your favorite music and …

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Windows Media Player Library Editor View

How To Use Windows Media Player To Categorize, Organize, and Playback Your Favorite Music and Video Files

Windows Media Player is often overlooked as a decent media player. It’s a free software program available to any user who is looking to play back and manage their music and video collections. This blog will provide an overview of how Windows Media Player works and how you can start using Microsoft’s free media player application normally installed by default …

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Winadr is a sound recording tool. It takes analog data and converts it into a digital format understood by computers and other devices.

How To Use WinADR To Record Live Analog, Cassette Tapes, and LP Recordings Into MP3 Music

There are a variety of software applications available that can record and encode audio from tape decks, cd players, and live internet streams. The basics of what you need to know is that most music on physical mediums is in an analog format. Computers are digital machines and can only understand data that is converted from analog to digital. In …

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Spotify Music: Your New Music Player

When it comes to streaming music from your computer and mobile devices, you have a lot of choices. In this digital age, we have reach a new evolution in music. You no longer have to be limited to playing music back from your dusty LP and tape collection; you can stream any music song or album directly from your favorite …

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