Computer Cleanup and Tune-Up Services

Our computer cleanup and tune-up services are second to none. We can clean up laptops and desktops with compressed air cleaner. We are fully trained to clean delicate components inside and outside of the computer chassis.

We use tools to remove the screws from the case unit and carefully use compressed air giving your computer a thorough cleaning. Our cleanup services start at $50 flat rate for a full desktop cleaning.

We have skillsĀ  necessary to get the job completed. We use a vigorous 3 check system to cleanup vital components functioning inside any desktop tower chassis. The term chassis simply refers to the metal components that house all sub-components such as the CPU, memory (RAM), hard drive, and power supply unit (PSU). When dirt, dust, and other particles infiltrate a system a computer can run sluggish and even malfunction.

Symptoms of a computer malfunction as a result of contamination include but not limited to the following:

  • The computer shutting down at random or blue-screens and having to cold-boot the computer.
  • The computer not starting up correctly or failing to complete the boot-up procedure.
  • Weird and loud noises originating from the components and fans inside the desktop unit.
  • The computer losing data as a result of the computer shutting down at random.
  • General computer and operating system instability.

Our software based diagnostics will help you fix hard drive instability and general operating system failures. We use programs such as:

  • AVG PC Tune Up (software optimizer and junk file cleaner).
  • CCCleaner (registry editing tool and general junk file cleaner).
  • OO Professional (defragmentation software to optimize hard drive data).

Rest assured if you are having a problem such as the one described in the symptoms on this page, we can fix your problems for a flat rate of $50.